art Japonythm “SAKURA” in frame

Art “Japonythm” is the pop arts with calligraphy and graphic works on many kind of items, and exposes cool Japanese culture with vivid rhythm in modern days.
Feel “kotodama”, soul reside in “word”, and enjoy your daily life with it.

-story “SAKURA”-

This art shows the following scene which EDO’s people enjoyed their lives:
Flowers give people comfort and sometimes deliver some power for celebrations. In spring time, people in Japan they party under the beautiful cherry blossom trees by the river, drinking sake and chatting with friends. This Art shows such a seasonal big fun event among average people which has been repetaed over and over from Edo era.

Letter meaning of「花」HANA” is “flower” and「華」“HANA” has meaning of “flower”, “beauty” and “gorgeous”.

SAKURA flower stamped.

letter meaning of「楽」“RAKU” is “comfort”, “pleasure” and “music”.


art “Japonythm” in frame No.1501-13
-one-of-a-kind arts
-No.1501-13 “SAKURA
-measurement:   W50c x H65c
-Calligraphy art and hand printing with acrylic paint and silk screen
on 100% cotton women’s T-shirt in a frame



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