Wrapping cloth “Floshiki” Japonythm JF17CH-706

Here is our original wrapping cloth “Floshiki” Japonythm.
Feel “kotodama”, soul reside in “word”, and enjoy your daily life with it.

-story “GEISHA”-

This art shows the following scene which EDO’s people enjoyed their lives:

It’s about a traditional recreation where players try to knock a target with a bell off from a wooden stand by tossing an opened folding fan, Japanese rich people enjoyed playing this game with Geisha at that time.

The letter meaning of 「喜」”ki”  is “joy”, “pleasure”.

  Fan, used in Geisha’s performance.

 a wine bottle wrapped with Floshiki Japonythm

transformed to instant bag

“Floshiki” Japonythm 70cm ROSE「喜」
-measurement:   70c x 70c
-body: 100% POLYESTER
-color: ROSE


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