We, MATELICA Co., Ltd., create an innovative artistic technique featuring the Japanese traditional calligraphy, known “MATELICA Japonythm”.

Originally, MATELICA Co., Ltd. is Japanese fashion design creative firm based in Tokyo. Our designers have professional design carreers for long time and they continuously have supplied many kinds of designs to well-known apparel brands or companies with focusing to core messages of these brands possess.

These days, in addition to our design works, we concentrate to have training programs to transfer our skill to young ages to make brand designs and to approach consumer who has updated sense of value.


Company profile

Name: MATELICA Co., Ltd.

Address: 2-9-3, Bandai-Shiba BLDG. 1F, Shiba, Minatoku, Tokyo, 105-0014, Japan map


website: (*Japanese language only)

Phone: +81-3-6435-0217 Fax: +81-3-6435-0218

Established: January, 2007