What’s Japonythm

MATELICA Japonythm

A highly innovative artistic technique known as MATELICA Japonythm ushers in a new style of design art, combining the traditional Japanese calligraphy with lively and rhythmical feelings like those of rock and pop music as are featured in modern paintings.

With this combination, the centuries-old Japanese calligraphy creates harmony with colorful paintings and graphics and brings itself up-to-date with modern rhythmical senses.

In MATELICA Japonythm, the calligraphic portion is contributed by Yoh-Koh, a calligrapher with more than 40 years of experience, and another artist has supported her with his colorful graphic and painting skills.

This new technique can be applied to a wide variety of uses.

In 2018, it is featured in pieces of cloth that wrap gold-medal prizes to be awarded to outstanding works of art selected at the “Salon of La Soiete Nationale des Beaux Arts” held in Paris with 150-years’ history.

MATELICA Japonythm reflects Japan’s unique cultural theme dating back to the pre-modern days, when mystical powers were believed to dwell in calligraphic handwriting. Each piece of art incorporating the technique is a product of Japanese creativity based on the faith in such mystical powers.





Japnese culture とvivid rhythmを組み合わせたネーミングのこのアートは「伝統」を現代のリズムにアップデートさせた新しいスタイルのアートデザインです。



そして2018年、フランスのソシエテ・ナショナル・デ・ボザール (Société nationale des beaux-arts, SNBA) から高い評価を受け、この150年の歴史を持つ美術展のパートナーとして参画することになりました。
この年の「金賞」受賞者への記念品は、MATELICA Japonythmのアートを施した色あざやかな風呂敷で彩られます。