art Japonythm “NOH” in frame

Art “Japonythm” is the pop arts with calligraphy and graphic works on many kind of items, and exposes cool Japanese culture with vivid rhythm in modern days.
Feel “kotodama”, soul reside in “word”, and enjoy your daily life with it.

This art, NOH (art No.1501-04), is painted on woman’s dolman sleeve T-shirt.

-story “NOH”-

“NOH” is one of the distinct Japanese traditional art.
This Art images human nature which is the basis of NOH soul.
Human being has happy moment and suffered moment
In other word we have angels face and devils face in our heart .
Every woman has two faces “Han-nya” which expresses anger and devil thought “ko-omote” which expresses love and warm heart.

letter meaning 「縁」“EN”  is “relationship”, “connection” and “destiny”.

Noh-mask, showing devils face in our heart.

Enjoyable 2nd artworks when reversed.

letter meaning of「夢」“YUME”  is “dream, and 「幻」“MABOROSHI” is  “llusion” and “fantasy”.


art Japonythm “NOH” in frame No.1501-04
-one-of-a-kind arts
-No.1501-04 “OIRAN”
-measurement:   W50c x H65c
-Calligraphy art and hand printing with acrylic paint and silk screen
on 100% cotton women’s T-shirt in a frame



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