Wrapping cloth “Floshiki” Japonythm JF17CH-703

Here is our original wrapping cloth “Floshiki” Japonythm.
Feel “kotodama”, soul reside in “word”, and enjoy your daily life with it.

-story “NOH”-

“NOH” is one of the distinct Japanese traditional art.
This Art images human nature which is the basis of NOH soul.
Human being has happy moment and suffered moment
In other word we have angels face and devils face in our heart .
Every woman has two faces “Han-nya” which expresses anger and devil thought “ko-omote” which expresses love and warm heart.

The letter meaning of 「縁」”en”  is “connection”, “destiny”.

 Noh-mask, showing devils face in our heart.

a wine bottle wrapped with Floshiki Japonythm

How to wrap bottle?

transformed to hand bag

Transformed to instant bag

books wrapped with floshiki Japonythm


“Floshiki” Japonythm 70cm MATCHA「縁」
-measurement:   70c x 70c
-body: 100% POLYESTER
-color: MATCHA



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