art Japonythm “OIRAN” in frame

Art “Japonythm” is the pop arts with calligraphy and graphic works on many kind of items, and exposes cool Japanese culture with vivid rhythm in modern days.
Feel “kotodama”, soul reside in “word”, and enjoy your daily life with it.

-story “OIRAN”-

This art shows the following scene which EDO’s people enjoyed their lives:
It is about a Kabuki stage work drawing a love story of lady killer and an Oiran lady in Edo period.
(Oiran is a type of Yujo in Yoshiwara district.
Yujo means “woman of pleasure”, but Oiran people were distinguished from ordinary Yujo and they had higher intelligences, manner and skill in many ways and even higher leveled Samurai needed to pay a lot of money and proceed the designated steps to meet Oiran. If she wouldn’t like him in first or second time he couldn’t meet her anymore.)

Letter meaning of「麗」“REI” is “beautiful”, “lovely”, “charming”, “elegant”.

Gorgeous shoes, “Oiran” girls normally have.

Enjoyable 2nd artworks when reversed.

Colorful umbrellas, “Oiran” girls normally use.


art Japonythm ”OIRAN”  in frame No.1501-20
-one-of-a-kind arts
-No.1501-20 “OIRAN”
-measurement:   W50c x H65c
-Calligraphy art and hand printing with acrylic paint and silk screen
on 100% cotton women’s T-shirt in a frame



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